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Executive Officers

Stephen J. Lu
Stephen J. Lu, EMBA, SHRM-CP
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director

Coaching Team

Sherrie Gilbert-Ramsey
Sherrie Gilbert-Ramsey, MS
Life Coach & Business Coach
The CSI Coaching Experience

Patrick Nottingham
Patrick Nottingham, MA, CReC
Certified Resilience Coach
Vital Resilience

Dr. Flory Seidel
Flory Seidel, Psy.D, MBA
IT Project Manager - Security Governance & Program Management
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Kayla Sweet
Kayla Sweet, MA, SHRM-CP
Leadership & Burnout Resilience Coach
Internally Guided Leadership Consulting

Access the learning you need to level up your forensics career at your fingertips – from the crime scene to the laboratory, day or night.

Affordability - We're on a mission to democratize leadership development with affordable programs, courses, and coaching, all without sacrificing quality. You shouldn't have to pay for executive-level training that doesn't fit your position. We want to provide quality service that meets you where you are.

Flexibility - We know crime scenes don't occur on a regular schedule, and rush cases can come into the lab at any time. That's why we're offering a flexible and comprehensive leadership development solution that's easily accessible at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Community - You are part of a unique professional community that's doing challenging work. We want to bring you and like-minded peers together with a network that is welcoming and supportive.

Personalization - You are a unique person, with individual needs, goals, and challenges at work. That's why we're offering you the chance to work with a coach who can guide you through those tough times and situations that are uniquely yours.

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FLTC Values Logo
Flexibility in Leadership. Trust through Consistency.
  • Flexibility
    We cultivate a culture of adaptability and flexibility in our course offerings and services, recognizing that individual needs may vary. The ability to adjust quickly is an essential leadership skill.
  • Leadership
    Effective leadership encompasses more than superior people management or having all the answers. We aim to help our members develop self-awareness and a comprehensive skillset to become well-rounded leaders.
  • Trust
    The relationships between forensic practitioners, the criminal justice community, and law enforcement require robust public trust. Effective leadership is crucial to a forensic laboratory's success, as trust is integral to the efficacy of the criminal justice process, impacting citizens' lives and well-being.
  • Consistency
    Consistency between words and actions is a hallmark of authentic and integral leadership, demonstrating credibility and reliability to others.

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