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Forensic Leaders Award Program

We're in the business of fostering effective leadership.

We are committing to our vision by providing forensic professionals with the resources and tools to develop their leadership potential.

How? Every year, FLTC awards the following to one US forensic professional:

  • Free FLTC Membership for one year
  • Sponsorship of attendance to one forensic training conference of the applicant's choice. Award includes general registration fees.

Award Details and Requirements

Application Window
March 1 through June 30

Application Review Period
July 1 through July 31

Award Announcement and Distribution
August 15

Application Requirements
  • Applicant must be employed by a US forensic agency/laboratory at the time of application
  • Submission of a personal statement or a narrative of demonstrated leadership abilities
  • Resume or CV
  • Three professional references

Access the learning you need to level up your forensics career at your fingertips – from the crime scene to the laboratory, day or night.

Affordability - We're on a mission to democratize leadership development with affordable programs, courses, and coaching, all without sacrificing quality. You shouldn't have to pay for executive-level training that doesn't fit your position. We want to provide quality service that meets you where you are.

Flexibility - We know crime scenes don't occur on a regular schedule, and rush cases can come into the lab at any time. That's why we're offering a flexible and comprehensive leadership development solution that's easily accessible at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Community - You are part of a unique professional community that's doing challenging work. We want to bring you and like-minded peers together with a network that is welcoming and supportive.

Personalization - You are a unique person, with individual needs, goals, and challenges at work. That's why we're offering you the chance to work with a coach who can guide you through those tough times and situations that are uniquely yours.

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FLTC Values Logo
Flexibility in Leadership. Trust through Consistency.
  • Flexibility
    We cultivate a culture of adaptability and flexibility in our course offerings and services, recognizing that individual needs may vary. The ability to adjust quickly is an essential leadership skill.
  • Leadership
    Effective leadership encompasses more than superior people management or having all the answers. We aim to help our members develop self-awareness and a comprehensive skillset to become well-rounded leaders.
  • Trust
    The relationships between forensic practitioners, the criminal justice community, and law enforcement require robust public trust. Effective leadership is crucial to a forensic laboratory's success, as trust is integral to the efficacy of the criminal justice process, impacting citizens' lives and well-being.
  • Consistency
    Consistency between words and actions is a hallmark of authentic and integral leadership, demonstrating credibility and reliability to others.

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